High Speed Internet
Video by Jimmy Joe Roche & Allen Cordell, Score by Huxley Anne

High Speed Internet by Jimmy Joe Roche and Allen Cordell from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.

Jimmy Joe Roche and Allen Cordell’s “High Speed Internet” follows a street profit on the verge of a complete psychological breakdown as he proselytizes the dangers of the internet. Shot in a single day, Roche screamed, crawled and preached through the streets of Los Angeles as cinematographer Richard Kim captured the chaos via Cordell’s collage-like direction. The whiplash editorial style not only brings cohesion to the ensuing pandemonium, it perfectly complements Roche’s raw, no-holds-barred performance.The score by Huxley Anne embodies the protagonist’s internal turmoil, making auditory the battle between paranoia and divine inspiration. “High Speed Internet” weaves together thematic threads from “They Live,” “HyperNormalisation,” Jaron Lanier, AM talk radio and the Bible. This video posits the question: Is the internet actually dangerous? Or is this man just a raving lunatic?

Released by Undervolt & Co.